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Craig was born in Falkirk, Scotland in 1966. At 5 years old he emigrated with his parents to South Africa. After completing school he went on to study Graphic Design in Cape Town.


Returning to the UK in 1986 Craig became a prolific inventor creating over 30 products in 30 years.


Craig's early inventions included a dry carpet cleaning system using organic microscopic sponges and an advanced environmentally aware chemical formula which he later private label for Dyson under the name Zorb & Dyzolv.

Craig also owned a patent for a 100% recycled and biodegradable cat litter which he supplied to Harrods.


Craig's long standing love of magic, (since joining the magic circle at the young age of 12) and his fascination with great magicians and illusionists such as Houdini and David Copperfield fuelled his desire to create something magical and floating using the 'secret' practice of cantilevers.


Having never worked with metal before Craig began experimenting with cantilevers in 2013. Keen to explore the possibilities of floating furniture he began designing aluminium extrusions. "My most exciting discovery was finding out that by using aluminium extrusions it was possible to create intricate features and contemporary designs without loosing strength and versatility."


Within weeks of developing his prototype Craig's floating bed won awards and created huge interest around the world. In 2015 Craig launched his eagerly awaited 'atmosphere in space' in London, showcasing his floating bed to the general public for the first time.


Craig designs, develops and manufactures every component of his  inventions in-house ensuring the highest possible standards with no compromise on quality, finish and design. Loved by private clients, designers, architects and professional interiors designers Craig is able to create bespoke one-off pieces or provide exciting solutions for the next generation of hotels. His cantilever system is also being used for floating kitchen tops, sofas, tables & chairs, bar tops, cupboards, fish tanks and much more....


Levitas Design’s environmental policy has always been to use recycled materials wherever possible to minimise the impact on our eco-systems. Every EXO Levitating bed is made using a minimum of 40m (130ft) of recycled aluminium extrusion.