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  • What weight will the EXO bed hold?

    We test our Super-King beds to a maximum weight of 750kg (the weight of 8-10 average size people) – this is calculated with the weight being exerted in the middle of the bed. Our steel supports are made using strong high-grade steel. Each steel support holds a weight of approximately 185kg or 400lbs. Single beds (900x1900mm) and small double beds (1200x1900mm) use two steel supports. Double beds (1350x1900mm) use three supports. King and Super-King beds use 4 supports – a maximum weight of 750kg or 1650lbs! We do not recommend more than 250kg at the very end of the bed.


  • How do I calculate the final height of the bed?

    Take the height of the steels (say 600mm) + height of the mattress (say 200mm) + height of the bed slat (10mm). Remember if you are going to attach the steel supports below the floorboards and onto the joists the bed will be lower. Remember, when getting in and out of the bed your weight will compress the mattress lowering the overall height.


  • Can I order a different height bed?

    Yes, steel supports can be made to any height. The thickness of your mattress determines the final height of the bed. We encourage customers to go as high as they can to take advantage of the feeling of space created by the higher steel supports. 90% of steel supports supplied are 600mm high, however we also stock 500mm & 400mm supports for children.


  • How strong do my walls need to be?

    The steel supports can be attached to any type of wall – even plasterboard/Gyproc walls. The steel supports have pre-drilled holes for ease and speed of installation. For best results attach the upright of the steel support to wood batons/brick/breeze block. If the wall is not secure then extra effort must be placed on securing the floor fixings. The cantilever steel supports transfer the weight on the bed to the floor, leaving very little load on the wall. Securing the supports to the wall will stop side-to-side movement of the bed. Please call or email for additional advice on fixings and tips for securing the bed to the walls.


  • What kind of floor do I need?

    The steel supports can be attached to any type of floor so long as the floor is structural, secure and strong. The steel supports have pre-drilled and countersunk holes for ease and speed of installation. For best results attach the foot of the steel support to joists. If the floor is not secure then extra effort must be placed on secure wall fixings. Please call or email for additional advice on fixings and tips for securing the bed to the floor.

  • Can I use my own mattress?

    Yes, the vast majority of customers measure their existing mattress and we make the bed to fit. Beware - check your mattress size as manufacturers can often confuse metric and imperial measurements. Some mattress manufacturers make double beds 1350mm wide whilst other double beds are 4ft6” wide (1370mm).

  • Do you supply mattresses?

    Yes, we have fantastic contacts with both memory foam and pocket sprung mattress manufacturers. Depending on your budget these can be anywhere from £200 to £2000. Please enquire and we will be happy to supply you with a competitive quote.

  • Do you supply headboards?

    Yes we supply headboards wrapped in fabrics to match the bed frame. We have a choice of colours available in our durable water bubble fabric range. These headboards can be adapted to hide the steel frame -please contact us for more details.

    We supply Junior headboards for the MESO beds with graphics of your choice.



  • What size beds do you do?

    We can make any size bed up to a maximum width of 4m or 13ft.

  • Can I float the bed in the middle of the room?

    Yes, the steel supports are strong enough to support the bed without the need of a structural wall. However, a small retaining wall is recommended behind the bed to hide and attach the steel supports to. It is important to ensure the floor and fixings are strong and secure before attaching the steel frames in the middle of a room.


  • At what stage of the build should I install?

    For those lucky enough to be building their own home, the earlier the steel supports are installed the easier it is to hide them. The more you hide the foot and the upright of the steel supports the more dramatic the illusion of levitation. The steel supports can be inserted into concrete walls and floors or behind cavity walls and under floorboards.


  • Who should I get to install the bed?

    Most customers install the bed themselves or with the help of a local builder/carpenter/handyman – the amount of time to ‘build your bed’ depends on how well you want to hide the steel supports. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, we have a video to help with installation and building the bed. Some customers prefer to lift up floorboards and attach the steel supports to the joists below or hide the upright steels behind the plasterboard/Gyproc wall. Others create a false wall using wooden batons or raise the floor using sheets of board. For most, they simply attach the steel supports to the existing floor and wall saving time and effort. The more time you spend hiding the steel supports the more spectacular the effect of a levitating bed will be.

    Alternatively email us for the number of your local installer.

  • Can I change from a floating bed (EXO) to a non floating bed (MESO)?

    Yes, with a few small changes to the bed, legs can be attached to the floating bed.

  • Can I change from a non floating bed (MESO) to a floating bed (EXO)?

    Yes, the legs are easily detached and steel supports can be purchased to float the MESO bed at any time in the future. Parents often buy the bed with legs for younger children (1-12 yrs.) then when they become teenagers they upgrade the same bed and float it off the wall by adding the steel supports.


  • What happens if I move house?

    The floating EXO bed can be easily dismantled and moved to your new home, however, in our experience once a new purchaser sees the bed they usually want the bed to stay. Some property developers use the Levitas floating bed in their showhouses to add value to the houses they build.


  • Can I use it outside?

    Yes, The Levitas bed frame and slats are all aluminium and can be used in the garden or around the pool as an outdoor sun-bed. When the bed is not in use remove the mattress – this will allow the rain and sun to get to the grass below - the height of the bed allows for easy mowing of the lawn.


  • I live near the sea...will it rust?

    The bed frame and bed slats are aluminium and will not rust. The steel supports are protected from salty sea-air with special paint. In extreme cases, if you want to use the bed outside on the beach, please enquire for more information on our stainless steel supports.


  • What if I want a special colour?

    We are able to match any RAL or pantone colour. Send your colour swatch to us and we will paint your bed to the exact colour.


  • Do you sell abroad?

    Yes, we export to anywhere in the world.


  • Can I get a bespoke design for my bed frame?

    Yes, there is a small additional charge for designing, printing on vinyl and wrapping the bed frame with your favourite images. We can design it for you or we can use your own images - whether it’s the favourite pet for your young child or pop idol for your teenager we can create the ultimate bedroom for everyone.