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EXO - Levitating Bed

The EXO levitating bed

This contemporary piece of furniture will totally change the atmosphere and space of any bedroom creating a touch of magic. The EXO can 'float' off any wall, including plasterboard/Gyproc. Free standing versions (EXO-X) are also available which allow the bed to be placed in the middle of the room without the need to fix it to the floor.



Available in any size & colour

The EXO is made to fit all standard and non standard mattress sizes. Bespoke beds up to a maximum of 4m or 13ft wide are available. There is a wide range of fabric/colours to choose from or if you prefer supply your own material and we will wrap your bed with your fabric of choice.



Supports any mattress

The EXO works as well with pocket-spring as memory foam mattresses and every other variation. Just tell us the size of your mattress and we will make the bed to fit perfectly - feel free to contact us for advice or information on our super low-profile mattress (23cm or 9" high).



10 Year guarantee

The bed is supplied with three cantilever super-supports which can hold up to 750kg (1650lbs) of weight (in the middle of the bed). Every support has its own unique registered number which is tested and guaranteed for 10 years.



Under-bed lighting

The EXO comes with built-in low voltage LED light strips which illuminates the space below the bed, creating the perfect ambiance whilst exaggerating the levitation. Simply down-load the lighting app onto your smart device (phone/tablet) and control the 16 million colours from the comfort of your bed.



Recycled Aluminium

Every EXO levitating bed is made using a minimum of 40m (130ft) of extrusion using recycled British aluminium. The equivalent of approximately 3900 drink cans are recycled to make a super-king (USA king) bed.



Super-ventilated mattress

The unique aluminium corrugated slats create ventilation directly onto more than 80% of the mattress surface. Increasing airflow to the mattress reduces moisture and heat build-up which leads to improved mattress hygiene.



Headboards & bed-side tables

We hand make all our headboards in-house with fabric to match your bed frame - various sizes and styles are available - add a little bling by incorporating Swarovski crystals as buttons on your headboard.



Bespoke options

For those who want something different, choose from a wide range of paint colours, fabrics, real wood veneers, leather, carbon fibre, granite & marble or for a truly unique bed apply any graphics or photographic quality images directly onto your bed frame.



Delivery & Installation

We offer world-wide delivery & installation - please enquire for pricing. For those in a hurry we also offer our premium service which air-freights your bed to anywhere in the world and provides our expert fitters to install your bed within a week.



Free consultation

We are happy to advise and work with private clients, designers, architects and professional interior designers on projects and bespoke creations.



Single - 900 x 1900mm



Small Double - 1200 x 1900mm



Double - 1350 x 1900mm



King - 1500 x 2000mm



Super King - 1800 x 2000mm



Bespoke Sizes Available on Request

STRATO - Bedside Table



The STRATO is not just a bedside table, it's also a light. The floating glass table is virtually invisible in the room until you switch it on - just the edge lights up. Create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom with 16 million colours to choose from. Dim the light and use it as a night light. The special super clear glass is toughened and processed to produce a magical glow around the edge. Glass can be replaced with safe Perspex for young children's bedside tables.


The levitating all aluminium bedside table has highly polished corneres and can be made to measure. Strato shelving can be made up to 4m long and the glass/perspex can be cut into any shape. In addition, designs can be sand blasted into the glass which will glow in a similar manner to the edge.


For those who want something different and bespoke, choose from a wide range of colours and effects - wood, leather, carbon fibre, metallic, or for a truly bespoke bed simply supply your own artwork and we will apply your photographic quality images onto your bed frame.



Standard Shelf Glass Size - 300 x 300mm



Bespoke Sizes Available On Request

AURO - Illuminated Floating Shelving



The AURO illuminated floating glass shelf is a spectacular way to show off curated collections. This is attractive illuminated wall shelf creates atmosphere and space in any room. Create your perfect ambiance with 16 million colours to choose using your phone or tablet. Only the edge lights up thanks to the super clear glass and specially treated ends. The heavy-duty aluminium shelf holds up to 20kg (44lbs) in weight and can be attached to any wall, even plasterboard walls. Perfect for family rooms, games rooms, bedrooms, home office or dining areas. Ideal for bars, clubs, pubs, shops and galleries.

For further information please visit

 The AURO kit:


- 1000mm recycled aluminium bracket

- 1000 x 225 x 10mm toughened glass shelf

 (useable shelf 1000 x200mm)

- 1000mm LED strip with 3000mm cable

- 240v power supply

- 2 polished end caps

- 4 screws and wall plugs for solid walls

- 4 plasterboard toggles and bolts for plasterboard walls

- App to control lighting

- Installation instructions and video link

1000mm frames available in white, silver or black

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LUNO - Domed Moon Light



The huge domed LUNO lunar light is a spectacular high quality image of the moon with detail you've never seen before...


The 900mm wide acrylic dome is backlit and can be hung on any way. see the moon like never before - if detail is what you enjoy then the LUNO's high resolution image of the moon will take your breath away - see it to believe it.


Light up your moon with over 16 million colours to choose from and transform the look and feel of any room - all controlled from your smart device



Flat Moon - ø900mm




Domed Moon - ø900mm




Illuminated, Domed Moon - ø900mm

MESO - Beds With Legs



If you love the Levitas bed but want the flexibility of moving it around then the MESO bed is for you. The MESO has perspex legs to create the illusion of floating. Children will have hours of fun playing with the endless number of lighting options - all from their smart phone or device.


The MESO bed can be made to fit all sizes of children's mattresses and the Perspex legs height can be increased as they grow.


If your child is scared of the dark or monsters lurking beneath their bed - they will feel more secure in the elevated MESO bed where they can control the lighting without getting out of bed.



Junior - 700 x 1600mm



Single - 900 x 1900mm



Small Double - 1200 x 1900mm



Double - 1350 x 1900mm



King - 1500 x 2000mm



Super King - 1800 x 2000mm



Bespoke Sizes Available on Request




Download the free Levitas app to your smart device and enjoy wireless lighting - it means any software updates in the near future can be done wirelessly, direct to your bulbs/LEDs...


Connect and sync up to 50 Levitas products and control them from your smart phone or device. All you need is the bridge that is supplied with the Levitas furniture and fixings.


Play with tone, contrast, white light and a spectrum of colour (16 million possible combinations) to create your ideal bedroom lighting mood.

Lush - Super Dense Rugs



Our range of LUSH rugs are the perfect match for our EXO bed, creating a plush, visually appealing addition to your home. Our rugs come in a range of set sizes, shapes and colours, making it easy to find one to fit in with your decor.



0.7m x 1.4m



1.2m x 1.7m



1.5m circle rug



1.4m x 2m



1.6m x 2.3m



2m x 3m




As well as our standard product range, we also offer bespoke design solutions. Please use the form to the right or contact sales@levitasdesign.com to discuss your idea and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Alternatively call us on 07767666999


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