Levitating Beds

All our unique EXO levitating beds have NO legs and are designed to be attached to brick, block or timber frame walls.

There are two types of bed frames to choose from, the Original round frame or the NEW flat Slimline frame. The bed frame and slats are made from approximately 40m of recycled British aluminium extrusion. Our unique corrugated aluminium slats add strength and allows air to flow to the entire mattress. The natural thermal properties of aluminium dissipate heat from the mattress, help keeping the mattress cool.

Bed frames are wrapped with soft foam padding and fabric of your choice. Bed frames are made to fit all mattress sizes including Emperor, Caesar and bespoke sizes up to 4m (13ft) wide! We have over 2000 fabrics and colours to choose from or you can supply your own fabric. Whenever you feel like a change of colour or the fabric is damaged, the bed frame can be easily rewrapped throughout the life of the bed.

The super strong high-grade cantilever steel supports dramatically reduce the stress on the wall and come with a 10 year guarantee for up to 750kg (1650lbs). The standard height of the steel supports is 50cm, however, we can make them to any height you want, the higher the bed is off the floor the more dramatic the levitating effect. Installing the steel supports is relatively quick and easy and can be installed during the build of a new house or retro fitted to an existing house.

Under the bed the LED strip lighting is housed in an aluminium channel. Ventilated aluminium panels and slats seal the underside of the bed, hiding the steel supports.

Rounded Frame

Flat Frame


100% British

We endeavour to source all our materials as locally as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and support local BRITISH businesses, using recycled, environmentally aware materials whenever possible.



Our British steel frame uses high tensile steel for extra strength to ensure quality, safety and peace of mind.


Recycled Aluminium

We use 100% recycled British aluminium for all our extrusions. Every EXO levitating bed is made using a minimum of 40m (130ft) of aluminium extrusion, the equivalent of approximately 3900 drink cans.

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