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EXO, HALO & STRATO just £7452 (Incl. VAT)

The Bluewater offer includes; the EXO Levitating Bed (Superking), HALO Headboard, 2 STRATO Bedside Tables, delivery, installation & free site visit.  Designed and made in Kent – Order directly from the manufacturer. Click here to order individual Levitas Design products.

Bluewater will be exclusively revealing the NEW Slimline Levitating bed. Levitas Design are local Kent manufacturers of contemporary ‘levitating’ beds and ‘floating’ furniture. Come and experience for yourself this miraculous piece of furniture during the 10 days of Home & Garden.

If it’s a magical atmosphere you’re looking to create in the bedroom with uncluttered clean lines using contemporary, futuristic design – then look no further. Unlike other ‘floating’ beds on the market, the EXO really has NO visible legs! By raising the bed off the floor, it creates a large visible area under the bed, dramatically transforming even the smallest room, creating an airy, uncluttered and spacious feel.

The EXO is designed to be attached to brick, block or timber frame walls. All beds are made to measure, fitting all mattress sizes, even Caesar and Emperor. The bed frames are wrapped with soft foam padding and wide range of fabrics. Whenever you feel like a bedroom upgrade, the bed frame can be easily rewrapped throughout the life of the bed.

The secret to this magical floating bed is the hidden cantilever super-steel supports which removes any stress from the wall. All beds come with a 10-year guarantee for up to 750kg (1650lbs). The steel supports can be made to any height, the higher the bed floats in the air, the more dramatic the levitating effect. Installing the steel supports is relatively quick and easy and can be installed during the build of a new house or retro fitted into an existing bedroom.

The NEW Slimline bed is made from approximately 40 meters of 100% recycled British aluminium. The unique corrugated aluminium slats allow air flow to the entire mattress, with built-in thermal control, preventing mattresses from overheating.

Under the bed the LED strip lighting is housed in an aluminium channel, 16 million colours all controlled via Bluetooth using an app on your phone. Ventilated aluminium panels and slats under the bed hides the steel supports from view.

Make the most of your visit to Bluewater, if you’re working on a project, bring floor plans, designs, images of headboards or pictures of bedrooms you’ve seen and take advantage of the FREE design and advice service. If its something bespoke and special you’re looking for, Levitas Design specialise in designing and manufacturing floor-to-ceiling headboards.

Unveiling of the first Levitating Sofa

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