Circular Banquette

This luxurious 150cm diameter circular banquet seat was created for the entrance of one of our prestigious clients who wanted somewhere to sit, remove shoes, store shoes and retrieve slippers. The seating has been converted into 4 large storage areas which can hold shoes, hats, scarfs, umbrellas helping to keep entrances clutter free. The back rest has a removable lid with hidden pulley for additional storage. We can reproduce this versatile design in any fabric or contact us with your ideas to create something unique and bespoke.

Home Cinema Acoustic (Floor to Ceiling) Padded Wall Panels.

Creating a great home cinema has never been more affordable with ever bigger flat screen TV’s and high definition projectors. But no matter how good the sound system, unless you manage the acoustics, your room will cheat your listening audience from experiencing the full impact of your home Cinema.

Like commercial cinemas, the first line of defence is to remove unwanted primary sound reflections form the side walls. This can be done by wrapping 50mm (2”) thick acoustic foam on floor to ceiling wall panels. Using matt black or dark fabrics also prevents light bouncing off the walls creating a more authentic cinema experience.

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Upholstered Bar Frontage and Fabric Wall Panels

Arguably the first thing you’ll notice about a bar is the frontage. Upholstered bar frontages are a popular, versatile and cost effective choice, offering bar owners and almost infinite range of styles.

We created this unique bar front for one of our prestigious clients by wrapping scalloped foam (formed using a CNC machine) with upholstery and introduced polished metal strips between each padded scallop to create a luxurious and sumptuous feel to the bar.

We can reproduce this versatile design in any fabric or contact us with your own ideas to create something unique and bespoke.

Illuminated Images on Wall & Ceiling Perspex

One of our prestigious clients wanted a bedroom with atmosphere and space – so we created just that, using images from outer space taken by NASA! We created a ‘gravity free’ bedroom using the moon as the headboard with images of the galaxy above the bed.

We reversed printed the high resolution NASA images on 15mm perspex sheets (2 x 3m) and then back lit them. We cut holes in the perspex for the steel supports to protrude through in order to float our bed. To maximise the impact of the high resolution moon image we inserted illuminated glass bedside tables into the bed frame.

We can reproduce this versatile idea or contact us with your own ideas to create something unique and bespoke.

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