Floating Bedside Tables

The three styles of bedside tables we manufacture are: – Wall mounted Illuminated Glass, Bed mounted Illuminated Glass & Wall-mounted Soft-close Drawer which is available in two sizes. 

Our bespoke, luxury, all aluminium, soft close bedside drawers are wall mounted using our super strong steel brackets. They have a glass top and can be fitted with our wireless, magnetic phone chargers.

Our wall mounted Illuminated Glass shelves are attached using our super-strong steel brackets. The special 10mm super-clear glass has all the impurities removed from it. Rather than having a green tinge to the glass, our glass is totally clear and translucent. It is toughened and goes through three additional processes to create opaque edges to dissipate the light around the edge of the glass table. The dimmable RGBW LED light creates 16 million colours and soft white, all controlled by an app, remote control or wall mounted controller. Magnetic wireless phone chargers can be fitted into the wall mounted aluminium frame


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