1.1 In this warranty “you” or “your” means the customer who has bought a bed manufactured by Levitas Design Limited. (a “Levitas bed”). References to “us” “we” or “our” are references to Levitas Design Limited. (Company Number 08782698).

1.2 This 10 year warranty relates to the cost of repairing or replacing your Levitas bed steel support and does NOT include any part of your aluminium bed frame. For the warranty to be valid however you must keep to the conditions of this warranty.

1.3 In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect occurring during the first two years of purchase you should contact your retailer who will assist you with your complaint. Any replacement, repair or refund during this period can only be obtained from your retailer under their terms and conditions of sale.

1.4 If a manufacturing defect occurs during the period more than 2 years but less than 10 years after you have purchased your Levitas bed, provided you have completed and returned to us a warranty registration form (which can be found attached to your Levitas bed or on-line at www.LevitasDesign.com) within the prescribed time limits, we will repair or replace your Levitas bed (or the damaged part thereof) subject to you paying a pro-rata usage charge based on the period of time you have had it and its current cost or the repair cost. The contribution you will be required to make will be as follows:-

Time since you bought the Levitas bed

Your contribution to the repair

Our contribution to the repair

1-2 years

2-3 years





3-4 years



4-5 years



5-6 years



5-7 years



7-8 years



8-9 years



9-10 years



1.5 Your warranty expires 10 years from the ‘proven’ date of your purchase of your Levitas bed from your retailer. Please therefore keep your receipt.

1.6 Damage occurred to the Levitas bed steel supports caused by abuse (eg: jumping, bouncing, excessive weight from multiple occupants) will not be considered a manufacturing defect. Please note this is a piece of furniture NOT a trampoline!

How To Make A Claim

2.1 If you wish to claim under this warranty please contact us at the following address giving full details of the defect and including your name, address and proof of the date you purchased the bed (copy of receipt and address details to be inserted).

Levitas Design, 15 Invicta Way, Manston Park, Ramsgate, CT12 5FD

2.2 We will then discuss with you whether a repair or replacement will be offered. Whether your Levitas bed is repaired or replaced will be at our sole discretion.

2.3 You will be told the cost of repairing or replacing your Levitas bed which, in the event of a repair shall be at cost price and, in the event or a replacement will be at the manufacturer’s retail price at the date of replacement.

2.4 You will then be given the option of proceeding with the claim. If you wish to do so, you will be required to make your contribution to the cost of the repair or replacement in accordance with the terms of the warranty before the repair or replacement is made.

2.5 Regarding where your Levitas bed is to be repaired, provided you live within mainland United Kingdom, we will collect your Levitas bed steel supports from you and return them to you once they are repaired free of charge. Where your Levitas bed is to be replaced, provided you live within mainland United Kingdom, we will deliver the new bed frame to you free of charge.

2.6 If you live outside mainland United Kingdom, you will be required to pay a delivery charge for the collection, and/or delivery of your Levitas bed or your new bed (as applicable).


3.1 Before agreeing to replace or repair your Levitas bed steel supports under this warranty we reserve the right to require that they be returned to us.

3.2 We reserve the right to refuse to replace or repair your Levitas bed:-

3.2.1 where the defect is due to causes other than faulty materials or workmanship; or

3.2.2 where it is bent due to excessive force/weight; or

3.2.3 where the defect is due to poor installation on unsuitable walls or floors.

3.3 We regret that when repairing or replacing your Levitas bed steel supports under this warranty we must reserve the right to use alternative specifications or materials.

General Provisions

4.1 This warranty applies to you only and may not be transferred.

4.2 This warranty will be governed by English Law

Nothing In This Warranty Affects Your Statutory Rights

We would like to thank you for your time to complete this warranty registration – please return your completed registration form to:

Levitas Design, 2 Elevation Space, Manston Park, Ramsgate, KENT, CT12 5FA

Levitas is renowned for producing superb handmade beds to the highest quality and finish. In order to continue providing this high level of service to our customers we need you to register your new bed within 60 days of date of purchase to activate the warranty for the product and answer a few simple questions.

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